So, you tried all the DIY tricks with vinegar and soda to unblock the kitchen sink to no avail? Worry not as the Incredible Builders’ plumbers can be on their way to relieve you from your drainage grief. The Bromley plumbing technicians are skilled and experienced:

  • To unblock bathroom and kitchen pipes, the shower, sinks, the toilet.
  • To repair and replace burst pipes.
  • To fix leaks and replace radiators.
  • To tweak/replace flushing devices and valves.
  • To access pipes and mechanisms under tiled areas and fix leaks.
  • To fix faucets, broken taps, etc.

Plumbing Installations with the Incredible Builders Experts

Got a new washing machine but you are not quite sure how to install it? Call the local plumbers in Bromley and minimise the risk from flooding your home with the first wash! Incredible Builders can assist you with:

  • The plumbing installation of kitchen appliances.
  • The fitting of new bathroom accessories: shower, toilet, bath, sink, radiators, faucets.
  • Installing kitchen sinks and connecting pipes in refurbishment projects.

Our Coverage: the Entire BR1 Area in London

If your property is located in the Bromley area, it would only make sense to request a plumbing service from a local specialist company. Incredible Builders prides itself in providing high-standard building services, where the qualified plumbing team boasts the most extensive collective experience. We are delighted to establish a working equilibrium between seasoned specialists and younger but very enthusiastic and hard-working technicians who are keen to learn the ropes of the trade fast from their mentors.

We are an equal-opportunity employer, which offers a fair chance to anyone who is willing to showcase their dedication in improving their technical and customer service skills. Our company is fully insured and certified to provide customers with home maintenance services of the highest standard.

Get in touch with us and count on our expertise.